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Doyle International - Sarasota Florida USA
Doyle International
P. O. Box 2699 - Sarasota Florida 34230-2699

The Power Of Mechanical Music - "The Happiest Music On Earth"
Reprinted with permission from George & Charlene Campbell, Old World Musik, Charleston SC USA
(Originally submitted to and printed within Mechanical Music Digest On-Line MMD030630)

From: (George Campbell)
To: (Mechanical Music Digest)
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 17:20:16 -0400

Subject: The Power of Mechanical Music

Maybe someone else has experienced this type of audience reaction, but this was a first for us today.

On our third visit since last Fall to a neighborhood assisted living center in Charleston, SC, where we played our Raffin 20/40 organ this
afternoon, we noticed that several of the residents had their heads down and on their chests, eyes closed when we started playing. After
the second music roll, eyes began to open, heads came up and feet were tapping. Then we played American Savoy arranged by Melvyn Wright and several of these ladies began singing along with the music while clapping to the tempo. Half way through the roll, a wheel chair bound gentleman very shakily stood up and with the help of another lady began to dance, slowly, but steadily.

At the time we did not think this was unusual, but after the performance the shift supervisor came over and mentioned that the ladies had not spoken a word since their arrival and usually just sat on the sofa with their heads down, dozing all day long. Then, she said, the gentleman that stood up from his wheel chair is paralyzed and has not walked since his stroke several years ago.

George Campbell
Charleston, SC

(Scroll down to bottom of page to view photos supplied by George and Charlene Campbell)

Response to George Campbell by M. Skip Doyle

Dear George,

Your submission to MMD On-Line is of great interest. An associate is co-producer of "Laughter Unlimited" which is an assisted living and nursing home program active on the west coast of Florida. Participants in this program include world renowned professional clown, lecturer, and friend, Jackie LeClaire (, born on and retired from "The Greatest Show on Earth" and inductee into the International Clown Hall of Fame and Sarasota Circus Ring of Fame), and Chuck Sidlow, co-producer of "Laughter Unlimited" who is an International personality named as the youngest ever boss clown ever with Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus among a long list of credits that adorn Chuck's office walls. To cut to the chase, Chuck and Jackie constantly expound upon stories that parallel your experience. "Laughter Unlimited" visits a circuit of facilities on a weekly basis thus building upon relationships while encouraging interactive participation. This program is subsidized by small community grants (since these facilities seldom seem to have budgets for this type program - kind of silly since without question this type therapy seems to accomplish whatever medications and shrinks cannot seem to achieve... It certainly makes sense that the "Happiest Music On Earth" is but another addition to the clowning antics that "Laughter Unlimited (and other similar programs) have proven to accomplish by exposing miracles that seem to be waiting in the wings.

If interested to learn about "Euphoria", said to be stimulated by "The Happiest Music On Earth", you might read the article by the same title authored by Dr. Ron Bopp. To access a copy, please visit TheHappiestMusicOnEarth.htm . Since there are several photographs on this web page it takes a few moments to open however the journey into the human mind is well worth your time

Thank you for sharing your most valuable experience.


M. Skip Doyle
Doyle International

Old World Musik Raffin Mechanical Organ

Old World Musik Raffin Mechanical Organ

 Old World Musik Raffin Mechanical Organ

 Old World Musik Raffin Mechanical Organ

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