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Magnificent Stinson 165 Band Organ
Mighty 187M - 75 Note Orchestral Voice
Organ is 15' wide x 8' high x 5' deep
Photo Illustrates Trailer Presentation
Awning, Top Marquee, and Side Wings Opened

Mighty Americana Playing the Happiest Music on Earth

Van Weisel Performing Center Sarasota Florida
Can now be Enjoyed in Guatemala

Sample "The Happiest Music On Earth"
Ws10374 Sounds From The Bohemian Woods
European Voice
Recorded on a MIDI Operated Stinson 165 Band Organ

Visit the Band Organ Music Library with More Sample Tunes

Trailer Closed Ready to Travel Trailer with Wings and Signs
Trailer - Back Trailer - Front
Top Marquee and Bottom 12" of Band Organ Facade Blocked from being visible within Photo
Animated Bell Ringer Animated Conductor Animated Bell Ringer
Animated Bell Ringer Animated Drummer Animated Drummer Harp Player
MIDI Data Filer Stinson Band Organ Diagnostic Panel Paper Roll Frame


The magnificent "Mighty Americana" Stinson Band Organ, built in America, plays 165 American and European voices from either paper rolls, or MIDI operation.  Masterful workmanship features wooden pipes, percussion instruments, hand painted scenes, gold leaf decoration, and mesmerizing animated figures that entertain Children of all Ages. The "Mighty Americana's extensive music library includes nostalgic carousel tunes, dance and skating music, patriotic marches, polkas, classical arrangements, tunes from Broadway musicals, and a classic selection of European tunes.
Stinson MIDI System - Roll Frame Remains In Place
Brushless Air and Vacuum Motors
Stinson Diagnostic Panel


Mechanical Pipe Organ
Live Instrumentation

Melody:  2 ranks of wooden pipe violins, octave violins, bourdon flute, sub-octave flute, unison flute, forte mixture, 22 Bell glockenspiel
Counter Melody:  Ranks of trumpet and violin pipes
Accompaniments:  Cello large scale, sub-octave flute
Bass:  16' wood trombone pipes, 16' bourdon, 8' cello large-scale, 4' octave bourdon
Percussion:  Bass drum with tympani, snare drum, cymbal, wood block, 3 animated brass bell ringers
Registers:  Melody and counter melody pipes, trombone, forte mixture, bar bell glockenspiel

Compliments and 

Animated figures: Majestic Conductor, 2 Lady bell ringers, 2 Cherub Drummers, Cherub Bell Ringer, Cherub Harp Player. Bell Ringers play live instruments.
Music Library:  Hundreds of tunes without redundancy
Voices:  American & European played to 75-note scale
Operating System:  MIDI and Stinson Paper Roll Frame
Electrical Requirements:  120 VAC - 60 Hz - 30 Amps
Band Organ Dimensions:  15' W x 8' H x 5' D - 2,900 lbs
Trailer Dimensions:  23' Long with Side Wings Open
Total Weight:  Approximately 5,000 Lbs.
Self Contained120 VAC Electric Required

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